Mrs. Haynes 6th grade teacher

My name is Cheryl Haynes, and I am the sixth-grade homeroom teacher. I also get the privilege of team-teaching fourth through sixth-grade with Jamie Coltrane and Denise Thompson. My primary area of responsibility is English. I came back into the classroom this year, after having homeschooled my three children for five years and substitute teaching at TCCS during the 2016-2017 school year. I also taught at Tri-City Christian School for seven years prior to homeschooling.

My parents came to know the Lord as adults while my twin sister, brother and I were very young. They enrolled us in the Christian school of the church we attended, and it was truly a transformative experience. While attending that church and school my sister, brother and I all became believers and were able to experience first-hand the power of growing up in a faith-filled environment. My siblings and I felt called to serve in various ministry aspects, and, after attending Bob Jones University, my sister and I became Christian school teachers and my brother became a pastor. Thankfully we are all still involved in the ministries to which we were called.

I have three children. My oldest son is in college, my daughter is a sophomore here at TCCS, and my youngest son is a fifth grader here. As a parent I can testify to the challenges that children face every day growing up in a culture that undermines faith and family values seemingly at every turn. For this reason it is so critical that we believers work together to rear our children to know the Lord and understand that He is not just an “add-on” component to our lives. The great purpose of our lives can only be found in Him. I believe we must take every opportunity to speak that Truth into the lives of our children, and I am grateful to partner with parents and do that in the classroom every day.

Teaching in a Christian school is not just about presenting Truth, though, it is also about engaging students in a fun and relevant way! That is why we in upper elementary love field trips, class parties, and great discussions. In our class we talk sports (go Panthers!), modern media, favorite things, and weekend activities. School is part of life, and I love finding common ground with my students. I am grateful to have your students as part of my life, and honored that you let me be part of theirs.

Amy Turner