A word from Pastor Keith...


As you may have noticed my philosophy as an educator varies from today’s norm.  My heart’s desire is for this school to be a ministry commissioned by God above all else.  Education will fall into place if our goals remain steadfast to God’s will.   All the staff, students and families of TCCS are very dear to my heart.  As the Pastor and Administrator of our school it is important that you, the families of TCCS, know my heart in leading this school.  This blog will help you catch a glimpse of my plans, goals and hopes for Tri-City.

                On my heart today is a topic that some people call the bigger problem facing Christian and secular education.  The problem is discipline.  My desire is to provide a framework of discipline in our school without an endless list of rules.  The word discipline comes from the word disciple.   Discipling is redirecting our sinful natures toward Christ-like behavior.  When Jesus appointed disciples, he poured His life into them with correction and caring.  His ultimate, goal was self-motivated discipline and a desire to be pleasing to God.  Without discipline and correction at home there is a breakdown in the framework.  There is a need for Christ-like discipline both at home and in the classroom to bring strong faith in Jesus Christ.  When we discipline our children, they learn the necessity of living according to God’s principles.  

                Surrounding us today is a generation that hates authority.  Hebrews 13:17 says, “Obey them that have rule over you and submit yourselves for they watch for your souls as they that must give account.”

                If a child is unable to submit to a tangible authority figure such as a teacher or parent, they will never submit to God’s authority.  In order for your child to develop properly in their relationship with God they must learn to submit to authority.  A student’s willful resistance to the control of the teacher is a clear indication of their willingness to resist the power of God over their life. 

                Our children are being raised in a world atmosphere of resistance that makes classroom discipline more difficult.  I would ask, that as parents, you would reinforce your children’s desire to submit to the authority of the teacher as ruler in the classroom.

                Students are more likely to model what they see lived in front of them, so as teachers and parents it is imperative that we model the behavior we desire to see in our students.  I am trying to develop consistency in each classroom at Tri-City.  We as educators must not ask more of our students than what we would expect of ourselves.  If our life models the content we are teaching, then respect is earned and our students will respond consistently.

                The key to making discipline a success is respect.  Respect is a demonstration of honor and consideration for someone else.  As educators, we strive to show respect to all of our students and parents. Likewise, parents and students must learn that the amount of respect they receive will be proportional to the amount of respect they give.   I Peter 2:17 says, “Show respect for everyone.”

                The goal of God-centered discipline is not to force your children to obey, but to outline both the positive and negative consequences that will follow.  We place the decision in the student’s hand and allow them the autonomy to choose their behavior without being able to change the consequences.   It is my plea to you, the parents of TCCS, to work side by side with us as we establish classroom authority. Our goal is to direct your children to practice submission and to respect their teachers.

                I pray I always show Christ to the students who have been entrusted to us, as I lead anddiscipline during their stay at Tri-City.

Debbie Templeton