Johnny Appleseed Day

Hello, my name is Jody Thompson.  I am a graduate of Mars Hill College.  There I met my loving husband and we were married 6 months after graduation.  God later blessed me with a beautiful daughter who is a student at TCCS.  I have been a teacher at Tri City Christian School since August of 1997.  During those years I have taught 3rdand 4th grades and most recently Kindergarten.  Kindergarten, of course, is my favorite.

We stay quite busy in Kindergarten.  We are involved in so many events and activities.  In fact, one of the events we just celebrated is Johnny Appleseed Day.  All throughout the month of September we have been learning about apples.  We have used the theme in all the subject areas.  In Phonics the children matched apple letters, listened for apple letter sounds and read apple words.  For Math the class counted seeds, compared apples on trees, created apple patterns, graphed colored apples and even estimated the amount of seeds within an apple.  Science was a time to discover the parts of an apple.  Then in History we learned about John Chapman, AKA, “Johnny Appleseed.”

Of course this all led up to Johnny Appleseed Day.  Johnny came to visit and shared his story.  We made Johnny Appleseed faces to help us remember the day and retell it to others.  The children went outside to plant apple seeds, and then we finished our day with apple treats that were provided by our wonderful parents.  It was sad to see Johnny Appleseed Day end, but we are looking forward to our October events.

Debbie Templeton