Beta Club at Tri-City

The National Beta Club Association is for students that excel academically. For one to enter and accept the Beta Club’s qualifications, they must come before an audience, pledge the national beta allegiance, and commit themselves wholeheartedly to the projects designed for the club. Students must have an exceptional GPA, no D’s or F’s on their report card, and they must establish a respectful and genuine stature to themselves.

Beta club recognizes those that excel in grades, but also in their spiritual personality. Hebrews 10:10-12 says we are to be set apart for Christ, because the Lord laid down His life for us once and for all. We are called to be set apart in our school. As the president of this club, I challenge my fellow members to be different and bold for the faith, especially now as they have entered into this club.

We encourage each member to hold another accountable for their actions, and misdeeds. The National Beta Club is a place of boldness and teamwork, and this is the very thing we plan to accomplish. I look to my vice president, Melanie Rupple, for advice and encouragement as we plan projects and meetings for the members to assemble and accomplish our duties.


Natalie Wilson

Beta Club President

Amy Turner