The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As the first Life Day of the year approaches many of the high school students ask "will we get to go to Operation Christmas Child?" The feeling of Christmas will permeate the atmosphere as the students load the bus on Wednesday to travel to the processing center in Charlotte. The joy of serving and being part of a process that impacts lives for Christ around the world energizes the students. Sometimes the group gets blessed by hearing from someone who was a recipient of a shoe box.  They get the first-hand account of a life changed. 

When the group arrives at the processing center they are trained to properly prepare a box for delivery to a child in a far away country. The students then spend several hours opening shoe boxes to make sure they don't contain items that could be harmful to a child or could damage the boxes. Most importantly, they pray over the boxes and the lives that will be touched by each box.

Every year the students express how much they enjoy volunteering at the center. First-time volunteers are often surprised to learn that a small box filled with simple items can impact children around the world so profoundly. Many boxes contain letters that express the love of Christ that has moved someone to take the time to prepare a box.

The OCC experience teaches students that they don't have to travel far to reach lives around the world for Christ and giving of one's time and resources can impact lives!

Debbie Motsinger

Amy Turner